Investing is changing fast

In the good old days private investors busied themselves picking stocks and worried about whether they could trust the managers of these PLCs to look after shareholders money, whilst banking on that steady dividend cheque.

In the new world, controlling risk within a globally diversified portfolio has changed everything. It means trusting in a new approach which juggles ETFs, investment trusts and other products to give you, the investor, a portfolio with genuine diversity and interesting new investment ideas. Its about investing internationally, in different asset classes, using different structures. Its about understanding costs, investigating the tax structure of vehicles such as self invested personal pension plans and ISAs and understanding when to use active fund managers or to default to passive funds that track an index.
Portfolio Review is a new monthly publication dedicated to equipping the modern investor with the very best ideas and tools to build a better portfolio. Its independent, intelligent, provocative and always original - it aims to be an indispensable guide to any informed investor with a portfolio of shares and bonds and other alternative asset classes.

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Portfolio Review is edited by some of the smartest thinkers in the investment world and every month will
  • update its readers on changes in its core 'model' portfolios
  • explain its market view, suggesting how investors can control risk within their portfolio
  • feature some of the most compelling research usually only available to City insiders and strategists
  • suggest one major asset class that needs to be incorporated within your portfolio - and suggest how you access this new idea
  • discuss how to use SIPPs, ISAs, VCTs and EIS funds to cut your tax
  • investigate new ideas, markets and countries

Who do we think will like PortfolioReview?

  • If you're a self directed investor with a pot of money in a diversified portfolio (maybe a SIPP)
  • You may have a professional advisor but you're looking for different perspectives and new ideas - some of our contributors include the best financial planners in the business
  • Advisers and researchers within the financial services sector looking for a quick monthly snapshot of the latest and best new ideas to discuss with their client
  • If you want practical advice about how to mix and match exchange traded funds, investment trusts and other funds alongside bonds and more 'exotic' structures
  • Long term investors who want sensible asset allocation advice about how to help structure a model portfolio

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